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August 22nd, 2005

mrsbr00kster @ 07:31 pm: Diet Soda Cake
I did it!! i made the cake!!

i used a chocolate cake mix (the one that comes with the hershey's syrup packet) and diet wild cherry pepsi..

ok, it was black as tar, but OMG was it good.

no icing needed.

imma try white cake mix and diet cherry 7 up next!

whysosad @ 10:04 am: Treat.
This was Kate Husdon's "treat" when she was losing that baby weight back when.

It's small. But it sounds good.
2 Strawberries
8 Raspberries
4 Blackberries
6oz Pineapple
Blend, pour in a small glass and savour slowly.

August 17th, 2005

xotiffany @ 04:52 pm: Low fat cake!
-- I just tried making a Diet Soda Cake and I highly recommend this to all of you.

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June 23rd, 2005

xotiffany @ 03:24 pm: Yum.
1. Sliced strawberries sprinkled with splenda.
2. Sliced watermelon.
3. Ice water.


Weight watchers verdict so far: "Going down!" ;)

May 26th, 2005

blackmarketgirl @ 03:08 pm: i really need to lose some weight. my short term goal is 10lbs, long term goal is 20.
anyway. i need a diet. something that works and i can commit to.
i really do enjoy working out, but im a nursing student, and in between being at the hospital and being back on campus every day, i really have no time to work out. occasionally i'll take my dogs for a walk. (i have three dogs, and i take them each seperately, i walk each about 4 blocks or so) but i really dont have a lot of free time.
so my question is, what diets have worked for you?
i really dont want to look like a whale in my swim suit this year.

May 12th, 2005

whatsagirlgotta @ 08:10 pm: Unexpected benefits
So I've been on an exclusion diet to try and sort out the IBS and I think I know what one of my main triggers is which is good. The dietician told me I could lose quite a lot of weight on it because I'd get bored of eating the same stuff all the time so I shouldn't be tempted not to eat on it. So I've been eating loads and lots of meat because there are no other protein sources and carrot and potato soup without stock is doable for lunch every day for three weeks but not every night too. I seem to have lost at least 1/2 -3/4 a stone in 3 weeks with no changes to my normal exercise levels-walking 40min a day to and from work-perhaps even less since I haven't been out with friends or done anything apart from my minimal shopping. This is quite surprising but also good since it means that I only have about half a stone to lose to get back to the size/weight I felt and looked my best at. I just hope it doesn't go straight back on as the foods come back into my diet.

April 19th, 2005

ex_tara_fir @ 09:29 pm: Update on Recipes
I tried the Gift-Wrapped Mandarin Chicken recipe from this site and it was pretty good (easy too!). Additionally, it has been approved for male taste buds by uncaring. :) I should note, too, that since I couldn't find toasted sesame oil or chili-garlic sauce, I used regular sesame oil and plain chili sauce (the recipe calls for a fair amount of garlic anyway).

April 16th, 2005

ex_tara_fir @ 10:59 pm: Found some really yummy looking recipes on this site. I am going to try some of the chicken recipes linked from the main page. I'll let you know if they're any good. :)

April 11th, 2005

xotiffany @ 01:55 pm: Tae Bo
-- Beginning of week 3 and I'm down 7lbs on the scales. Baby steps...

Changes I've noticed:
Increase in energy
Better moods overall
Decrease in appetite
Increase in productivity
Increase in flexibility
Improved posture

Current Mood: accomplished
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