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lesli @ 09:32 am: Question for you?
Have any of you tired Hoodia?

I...being one who seems to try every weight loss product on the market decided to try a Green Tea, Hoodia combination pill. But, after reading the website below I see that I most likely have been taking a "fake" product for the past few days.


How that product has effected me:

I purchased the capsules after reading the back of the Hawaiian looking box. It explained that something in the pill contains naturally occurring caffeine (green tea, I suspect), so I figured it would be no worse than my morning cup of coffee. I have to be careful to not take any product with Chromium in it, as that effects my "go off the deep end for no reason sensor". There is no chromium in that product.

Anyhoo, I have taken one capsule each morning with breakfast since Monday. I don't take any more than one capsule as I have trouble sleeping if I consume too much caffeine.

Symptoms & Side effects:

  1. A feeling of bloating, gas and slight nausea for a few minutes after taking, but it passes quickly.

  2. I feel as if I have consumed several cups of coffee without the acid side effect.

  3. I have more nervous energy.

  4. The appetite suppressant aspect was not obvious until yesterday. (I always eat very healthy at meal time but eat more than necessary at night).

  5. It has become easier to quell the urge to eat Jelly Bellies and Chocolate and I continue to resist purchasing more.

  6. I have lost 2.5 pounds this week but will most likely look for REAL Hoodia this weekend and try that. I do not like the nausea in the morning.

Morale of this story.....skip Green tea Hoodia combination capsules. I will let you know how the real stuff works....if it does, next week.

Happy Thursday ladies.

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