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whysosad @ 12:07 pm: Fusion Food.
Some strange things come out of not eating bread. Especially when most of the items in the house are bread related.

I rummaged through the kitchen a bit, and there were no tortilla shells in sight. I was going to make a wrap. No luck. So I put the cheese, tomatoes and smoked salmon on rice cakes instead.
It's an interesting taste explosion that I'm not really sure I dig. But the cottage cheese and pineapple is good, as always.

Anyone have any brilliant, and simple, non-bread meal ideas?

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Date:August 24th, 2005 05:24 pm (UTC)
Or Tofu, since i don't eat meat :P

That's not a bad idea tho. Also, the guy at the nutrition store said that a small amount of Orzo pasta or Couscous would still give the overall feeling of rice or pasta, without all the bad stuff. They are supposedly a little bit better for you. SO much as you're only using like 1/2 a cup.
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